Relationship Counseling

Couples Counseling:

Are you arguing more? Are you feeling like a wedge is developing? Are you all roommates more than mates? If you have ever felt any of these feelings, this may be the sign that you need to seek couples counseling. Many times these feelings and emotions can pull you and your partner apart, and you almost don't know why or if you are still in love. I can help you reconnect, understand each other's needs, wants, love languages, and more.

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Premarital Counseling:

You've met your fabulous partner; you're preparing to get married - but have you all had the necessary conversations, i.e., finances, children, living, in-laws, and goals just to state some of the major components.

A startling statistic shows that 50% of all marriages in just the US will end in divorce or separation. Why not start your relationship off on the right foot?

Let's meet and have this beautiful discussion.

Relationship Counseling (Singles)

Many people don't realize relationship counseling isn't just for couples - 100% True! You do not need to be married to receive relationship counseling. 

If you want to look at your relationship(s), partner(s) in order to start making changes within yourself, look at the kind of unhealthy dating habits that keep you selecting the same type; find out why you aren't attracting true love.

You need to book your session today - I'm looking forward to working with you and helping you build out your dating health plan.

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