Fashion Psychology

Fashion Psychology - The study of the impact of clothing choices on the way in which we perceive and judge each other

I know your mind is blown - As Fashion Psychologist, we help you to understand what your wardrobe is saying about you behind your back (lean in - yes, your wardrobe is talking about you). It goes even deeper than meer fashion. We help you to understand the impact of the products that you self-identify with, how the overconsumption of fashion is impact your life.

We teach you color theory so you know what colors will impact your mood, feelings, and emotions. How color can be brought into your living space so you can feel the full effects beyond your wardrobe.

Teaching you about your body type, so as to break the misconceptions you have of yourself via body dysmorphia. What your specific body type is and how to balance and enhance your particular shape. We teach you how to remove conformity, seek your desired personal styles that illuminate your personality.

We also take you on a "Skintastic" journey teaching you about products that are not only harmful to you, but to the environment. We get you glowing, educate you on makeup application, teach you about your face shape, and much more.

Welcome to a dynamic experience.